Income Tax Calculator NZ

Want an estimate of your income tax? Use our income tax calculator NZ to work out your New Zealand individual or company tax for any year from 2010 to the current year. Discover how much New Zealand income tax you should be paying.

New Zealand Income Tax Calculator


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Income Tax Calculator NZ

This income tax calculator NZ is for information purposes only. Therefore, this is is not financial or taxation advice.

This is a model, not a prediction. As a result, amounts are estimates only, actual amounts may be higher or lower.

We recommend seeking taxation advice about your specific situation and goals.

This calculator provides an estimated amount and is for illustrative purposes only.

It is based on the accuracy of the limited financial information provided by you and does not take your personal circumstances into account. For example, results are based just on the estimated taxable income, tax year, and taxpayer type.

To calculate results and compare options, the income tax NZ calculator assumes for instance:

  • The rates are for New Zealand residents.
  • Your marginal tax rate does not include levies, which are calculated separately.
  • The calculation is based on individual or company rates, and does not take into account personal circumstances such as family income or dependent children.
  • The calculation does not consider any tax rebates or tax offsets you may be entitled to.
  • The calculation also does not include any tax you’ve already paid through your salary or wages, or any ACC earners’ levy you may need to pay.
  • Also in most cases, your employer will deduct the income tax from your wages and pay it to the IRD.

Ways to use our Income Tax Calculator

Our income tax calculator NZ provides guidance for the following scenarios:

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  • How to use an income tax calculator to estimate tax liability
  • Income tax calculator for individuals
  • Income tax calculator for self-employed individuals
  • Income tax calculator for company
  • Free online income tax calculator for tax return preparation

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General ways to lower your tax payments

There are a few general ways you can lower your tax payments. For instance:

  • Firstly, maximise tax deductions – Keep track of all your expenses, and ensure that you claim all possible deductions when filing your tax return.
  • Contribute to retirement accounts – Contributing to a tax-advantaged retirement account can reduce your taxable income.
  • Consider itemising deductions – If your total itemised deductions are greater than the standard deduction, consider itemising deductions to reduce your taxable income.
  • Use tax credits – Tax credits can help reduce your tax liability.
  • Donate to charity – Charitable donations can be tax-deductible, so consider donating to a qualified charitable organisation.
  • Use a home office deduction – If you work from home, you may be eligible to claim a home office deduction.
  • Incorporate your business – Incorporating your business can provide tax benefits and potentially reduce your tax liability.
  • Claim depreciation – If you own business assets, you may be able to claim depreciation deductions.
  • Hire family members – Hiring family members can provide tax benefits such as deducting their wages as a business expense.
  • Take advantage of net operating loss (NOL) carryovers – If you have a NOL in one year, you can carry it forward to offset future taxable income.
  • Finally, take advantage of the foreign tax credit – If you paid foreign taxes, you may be eligible to claim the foreign tax credit to reduce your local tax liability.

Using this calculator does not guarantee you will be able to reduce your taxes. Therefore, contact your Accountant or Government tax department directly to assess your tax liability.

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